Find super awesome tacos or a tasty chicken buscuit. All dishes are under $10 and found and shared by foodies with good taste. That’s frood.

A side project with friends. It’s a Rails app with some JavaScript using the Yelp API for location and restaurant data. I led design and front-end development.



I have done a couple studies in Compass and Sass mixins for fun. Nothing that would be a “YES, I need this feature” sort of thing.. but just sketches for fun.

The idea was make a mixin, and then make a static site with the mixin examplified and then the gists of the code used to make the examples. Here you see “paper stack” and “ribbons. Both just take some colors and some optional arguments... and poof.

Rails Rumble 2012, 4 dudes worked for 48 hours and gave the world flippin sweet mix tapes on the internet.

Jason Rudolph, Jared Pace, Kevin Altman, and I were team “Err on the side of too much bacon”. Out of 500 teams, we finished in 10th place! It got music from the Grooveshark API. I helped with design and front-end dev. Also, lots of cassettes.

Cassette Fujiyama Maxwell

design systems

CSS build tools and static site documentation. Little widget example servers and playground for making and styling UI components.

I made a github repo titled wardrobe. It is an example middleman starter app with nice creature comforts for working with Sass, CoffeeScript and Ruby. I used this to make several styleguides for companies. It’s easy to add / remove stuff. Each company ends up with some UI code and it’s documented.